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In addition to Spanish, which is his mother tongue, Jorge Ibarrola is fluent in both official languages of the CAS  and of the IOC (French and English). Having completed a full background, both academic and professional,  in Swiss Law, which applies very often in international sports litigations, Jorge Ibarrola appears as the appropriate counsel for those involved in sports, as well as for their legal advisors, with whom Jorge Ibarrola cooperates on a regular basis.

Jorge Ibarrola proposes his services in the following areas:

Sports in general:


  • Representation of athletes, agents, clubs, as well as national/international federations and associations, before the sports judicial and arbitral instances (legal bodies of international federations, Court of Arbitration for Sport, etc.)
  • Advise in:

Ø     Contracts

Ø     Statutes

Ø     Legal strategy


  • International Competitions (Olympic Games, World/continental Championships, etc.)  

Ø     Legal planning and preparation

Ø     Negotiation, conclusion, revision of contracts

Ø     Assistance during the competitions, representation,
negotiations, mediation


Football in particular:

  • Judicial and legal assistance and representation before the CAS, FIFA or national Football Associations
  • Contractual negotiations, conclusion, review of employment contracts, of images rights and/or sponsorship agreements, endorsements, etc.
  • Legal audit for football clubs, optimisation of entitlement to training and solidarity compensation, etc.


  • Tax optimisation for athletes/players
  • Financial and tax planning, in particular for the end of the professional sports career
  • Assistance to international mobility, relocation

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